Monday, October 26, 2009

Joe McFarland Interview at Wrestlingaddix

Michigan Wrestling headman Joe McFarland was recently interviewed by In it he talks a little about Steve Lukes national championship run last year, his very good recruiting class last year and how they are coming along, and goes down the lineup to give a much clearer picture of where everyone is around the team. He even includes EEEE BARWIS. I highly recommend listening for anyone interested in Michigan wrestling.

Here's your link:

He mentions in there that Kellen Russel may take a redshirt, and it's now apparent that he will. This team is not built for this year though, as McFarland mentions, he could have 7 freshman or sophomore starters this year, and that doesn't include his 2 best recruits, both project as All-American type wrestlers. This year may not be the greatest year in Michigan history, but this team will compete in the next 3 or 4 years for National Titles.


  1. So Michigan is getting hosed on the BTN coverage. Just one match against NU and the championship tourney? WEAK!

  2. Oh yeah, link and such: